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Zeeko Networks is a total IT Service provider with services offering in the areas of E-Commerce Customized Software Development, Android Development, ERP and CRM solutions, Project managements system, Application development for inventory and Search Engine Optimization, sales, purchase etc. We have experienced team of web developers, web designers, and domain experts. We use the luminous technology and innovative tools so that you get extra returns for your investment. The aim of Zeeko Networks is to work with customers to understand their unique business requirements, cultivate new ideas and implement solutions. In the present dynamic and evolving business landscape, company’s solutions are scalable to help organization access and arrange information in real time transaction processing between different departments within the organization. We are a customer ERP development company that offers a complete ERP Development solution for your small and large business. Our software developer works on all business projects from understanding the needs to the designing of application management. Zeeko Networks provides assessment and comprehensive solution for existing custom applications. Our high experienced developers are focused on the design which reduces maintenance cost and increase flexibility. We develop customer ERP development applications for any type of business or company applicants. We built an open flexible with modern, web-based user interfaces. Zeeko Networks offers a variety of ERP and CRM solutions that help companies automate a wide range of functionality to automate key manufacturing and financial processes. We are best EPR Software development company in Delhi NCR, India providing best software for schools, engineering colleges, institution, web portal online software for degree colleges. This software is used for student admission, attendance, registration, icard library, result, income tax, payroll, EIMS, CBSE analysis, board result in Delhi India. We are best no.1 EPR software provider for big companies at affordable price. Our top rated ERP Software used by retail, distribution and manufacturing firms for billing and other purposes.

You can buy the Service of ERP development to understanding the value of a particular client during their entire life cycle. It consistent structures and complete customer information, customer identification. You can build comprehensive customer management through all communications channels. This helps you to plan product cross-marketing strategies. Every business has its own process, products, and services that make it unique from others. However, most companies face similar operational problems as they grow. Now a time has come that implementation of enterprises resource planning in a company can be immensely conductive in optimizing business operation to improve efficiency and boost growth.

Professional EPR Software Services in Delhi NCR

ERP Software

Multiple sales performance effortlessly with the prevailing Sage ERP solutions for Ecommerce industry and manage all your complex tasks easily, analyze the market and smartly handle all your resources, eventually freeing you from complexity maze and assisting you hitting the success charts.

Logistics & Inventory ERP

Whether you are a manufacturer who regularly needs to stock and track inventory, or a trader who needs to keep track of the items that are selling briskly, the Inventory Management module tools that you need. The solution provides a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of your organization. Besides providing planners with the real-time visibility of inventory across the supply chain, the system also equips you with the necessary planning tools to help you make quick and accurate decisions.

CRM Software

A Customer Relationship Management tool, Cloud CRM Software is a comprehensive solution that enables an organization in development by maintaining the data of the customers most efficiently while capturing all pre-sale and post-sale force interactions of the customer. INTACT CRM Software comprises of a comprehensive functionality that caters to all enterprise requirements for retaining customer support and loyalty.

Custom Application Development

The software solution that works for others may not work as effectively for your businesses. Instead of changing the business practices that are already streamlined, it makes a perfect sense for a business to go for the tailor-made or custom software application development. Custom application development is nothing but the software made or application developed as per the requirements of the client applicable for that particular business needs.

Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation (SFA) software is a type of program that automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance. Businesses may have a custom version developed specifically for their needs, or choose from among the increasing number of sales automation software products, such as Interact Commerce's ACT!

Inventory Management Software

When it comes to getting your inventory just right, you want to have the right amount of product, at the right price, at the right time, and in the right place. Too much stock will leave you with higher costs, while too little will have you going out-of-stock. So how do you get everything just right? You can solve your problem with inventory management software.